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2010年 10月 16日

English explanation of an exblog comment form

Will this handmade explantion help a bit? I hope it will.
I had not thought of this much inconvenience until I use exblog frequently.
My apology to you!


After submitting the above form, the following form comes out
for your final confirmation. Please OK. Thank you!

Sorry, Friends! ( my post of 14 Oct '10)

Dear Friends,

I am very disappointed to know that you still could not leave a comment here.
I sent an inquiry about this to Exblog. May take some time to know what is disturbing.
I am sorry and thank you for letting me know about the inconvenience promptly.


by magnifika | 2010-10-16 19:00 | 日常のあれこれ/Tidbits

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