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2008年 03月 29日

my gallery 8:  新しい靴 new shoes 10号 ©

新しい靴 new shoes ©
F10 油彩 キャンヴァス '07
Oil on canvas F10 53x 45.5 cm




We have some memories or others about our new shoes we happened to wear on special occasions. Whenever I look back over my special start, a pair of new shoes is shining under the spotlight on the past. Here in Japan, April is the time of new start, of school year, fiscal year, and for the newly employed by companies nationwide to start working . Most of the new starters wear a pair of fresh shoes and begin their first step out into the new world in them.

May their shoes carry them beyond to the bright future they figured today!
May they be nice and kind to them even on a hard rocky road!

by magnifika | 2008-03-29 15:36 | my gallery

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