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2008年 03月 04日

my gallery 5: 5本のカラー 20号 five calla lilies on red ©

油彩F20 キャンバス 「5本のカラー」/five calla lilies on red '05 ©
oil on canvas 727 x 606 cm






毎日このキャンバスに向き合いどうしたら「銭湯の暖簾」以外にもなりうるか・・・深夜時折明け方の日々。そして再び義兄に写真のプリントを送ると、「おもしろいね、最小100号位の絵を画いて、~展に出展しなさい」とまた一言のコメント。「~展」とは国立新美術館で作品展をするような大グループ展。まったく、突き落としたり持ち上げたり・・・ 100号はこの絵の5倍サイズ・・・素人には宇宙に絵を描けと言われるに等しい眩暈をもたらす。義兄らしい。「捨てたものではない」と慰めたつもりなのだ。


Five Calla Lilies
I came across with the other elegant calla lilies painted in the picture above.

My brother-in-law, my sister's husband, is a professional artist of oil-painting. One day I hesitatingly told him on the phone that I had started oil-painting. "Why not send a photo of your recent work?" was his reaction. The painting was still on the process, but I took a photo of the painting, printed it and sent it to him. He sent it back after a couple of days with three vertical parallel lines of a black marker on it, which devided the canvas equally into four. None of the lines reached the top hem, but stopped, remaining the upper one quarter without a line. At the upper end of each line, something like a butterfly or a ribbon was drawn. What on earth is this?

I fumbled the envelope, and found a piece of paper with just a line; "This may be good enough for NOREN curtain, an entrance cloth curtain of a Japanese public bath house."

My struglge to make the painting a little better than NOREN lasted for some time, and I sent the photo of the altered painting to him again. "Very interesting. Try to paint the size five times larger than this one for a public exhibition" was his comment this time. For an amateur like me it is equivalent to painting on the universe. I know this is his way of encouraging. Anyway I like art oil-painting as well as painting wood floors and other outdoor furniture.

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