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2009年 05月 17日

ASUKA II 南太平洋グランドクルーズ2009-33 タスマニア・ホバート  Hobart, Tasmania

2月7日(土) クルーズ19日目 タスマニア ホバート (オーストラリアでシドニーに次いで古い街)

Sat. Feb 7th, the 19th day of the cruise Hobart, Tasmania, the second oldest city after Sydney in Australia



Early in the morning, the wind and waves subsided suddenly and the islands near Bass Strait appeared as in the photo. Princess Wharf No.2 where we would anchor is located at the mouth of Derwent River. The green mountains covered with the forest streamed on the both sides of the ship gently. I was sorry as Captain said today's weather forecast was "rain all day".


8:03 Hobart, Tasmania

8:11 Hobart Tasmania

◆木造船展示祭/Wooden Boat Festival

2年に一回開催のフェスティバル2日目、しかも土曜日というラッキーな巡りあわせ。これを逃す手はない。世界中から美しい木造船が集まっていて、金色コイン(1ドルコイン、2ドルコインが金色 この時点A$=¥60)で中も見せてもらえるというので、何はさておきゆっくりと港界隈を巡る。

It was luckily the second day of biennuial Wodden Boat Festival. Beautiful wooden boats gathered from all over the world and during the festival anyone was admitted to see any boat with donation of a gold coin, A$1 or A$2.

停泊中のキャビンデッキからの眺め a view from my cabin deck



Harbour Area

雨が降っているので、にわか船長のお腹にはカメラが・・・(念のため!) /A temporary captain with a camera under the jacket at Wooden Boat Festival to protect the camera from rain


The boat I visited is in sight like this from my cabin.


◆タスマニア州議事堂とその前庭 Tasmania State Parliament House & its Garden

タスマニア州議事堂 Tasmania Parliament House

州議事堂前のガーデン The Garden in front of the Tasmania Parliament House


Tasmania is a lovely island - it is a pity that you did not get to see a bit more than Hobart. The west coast is beautiful, and the Franklin River and Cradle Mountain. Next time! ;-) There is a famous yacht race from Sydney to Hobart - it starts in Sydney on Boxing Day (26th Dec) every year and finishes in Hobart. The timbers are really beautiful! I am quite jealous of your wooden purchases!! ;-)
投稿情報: Emjay | 2009/05/21 03:51

I still wish we could have stayed overnight there. I will keep the places in mind for the next time. The race sounds exciting. We had full one day from Sydney to Hobart. I wonder how long it takes for yachts with sails
I bought some cheeseboards made of other timbers, too, for my close people at home. They are beautiful, too!
投稿情報: magnifika | 2009/05/21 20:08

by magnifika | 2009-05-17 13:46 | クルーズ/Cruise

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