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2010年 08月 29日

去り行く夏 Farewell, Summer '10





Ah, three gorgeous pictures!! I love the second picture with the people sitting under the colorful umbrellas.
The third picture is a peaceful and serene scene and the tree reminds me of a bonsai tree!
投稿情報: Freedom Smith | 2010/08/30 13:36

Thank you, Freedom!
I am an extreme summer person, and I become awfully sentimental or rather depressed at the end of summer. This lake gathers many campers, cyclists, and nature lovers all through summer. But now it has again turned very quiet with few people around.
The tree in the third picture is a tall "silk tree".
投稿情報: magnifika | 2010/08/30 21:40

Do the people bring their own umbrellas to sit under? They are so colorful and make the picture very interesting. Are they trying to stay out of the sun?
投稿情報: Freedom Smith | 2010/08/31 03:04

[c’est top] J'aime l'atmosphère paisible qui se dégage de ces photos....Calme et sérénité...Bonne journéeYllisa
投稿情報: yllisa | 2010/09/02 17:40

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