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2011年 05月 02日

田中一村を訪ねて/Tanaka Isson Art Museum

田中一村記念美術館/Tanaka Isson Art Museum



一村の代表作「アダンの木」絵葉書/A postcard of Isson's masterpiece

美術館敷地内に育つ一村が好んで描いたアダンの木/A tropical tree of the island, Isson's favorite material




Each time when I made a plan to visit Amami Oshima, a semi tropical island off Kagoshima, to see Tanaka Isson's Japanese painting, some or other obstacles arose and could not make it. The last one was a torrential rain of Oct. 20 last year which flooded the island and landslides paralysed the traffic and telecommunications there. All I could do was cancel the flights and hotel reservation.

But the Pacific Venus cruise made it possible to visit the Island this time. Beautiful weather was waiting for me and the drive from the south port to the tip of the island north where Isson’s museum is was wonderful.

Isson is a Japanese painting artist. He loved the nature and creatures of this beautiful island of south Japan and devoted himself to painting, keeping himself above all the secular values. It is only after he died when his works were found and highly evaluated.

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