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2011年 10月 19日

Photo-sketch of Nara: 室生寺五重塔/The Five-Storied Pagoda of Murō-ji

室生寺の五重塔/The five-storied pagoda of Murō-ji, a national treasure

1998年台風直後の五重塔/1998's news photo of the Murō-ji Pagoda after it was hit by a giant cedar tree blown down by a typhoon

修復部分がこんなきれいに/The beautifully restored parts of the Pagoda

法隆寺塔に次ぎ日本で2番目に古い国宝の五重塔。780年頃の建立。 高さは16メートル強で屋外五重塔では一番低い。また上に行くにしたがって屋根の出が次第に小さくなる塔が一般的であるが、この塔は1重目と5重目の屋根の大きさがあまり変わらないという特徴がある。アプローチの石段下から眺めることを考慮に入れた設計だったのではとのお話だった。


The second oldest five-storied pagoda in Japan is the smallest of the kind, about 16 meters, was founded around 780 A.D. Each roof of other pagodas gets gradually smaller as one gets higher. What is unique about the Murō-ji pagoda, the size of the roofs are almost the same. They say the architect must have taken the sharp step inclination to the Pagoda into consideration.

In 1998, a typhoon hit the area. Strong wind blew down 50-m Japanese cedar tree of 390 years old, and gave a major damage to the roofs of the Pagoda. Many people felt deeply sorry. But it was restored in 2000.

Another uniquness about the Pagoda is its finial. Unlike others, it has, what they call, a treasure vase on top, where the Dragon King is confined according to a monk's explanation.

塔を見守っていた石仏たち/The stone statues watching the Pagoda along the sidewalk


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