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2012年 08月 27日

ASUKA II 世界一周クルーズ'12 赤と青と赤道/AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE '12 Blue, Red & Equator

4月20日(金) 赤道祭/モルジブ東側南下
Fri. April 20 Crossing-the-equator Ceremony/Cruising south down the east of the Maldives

青より青く・・・/So blue as blue

赤より赤く・・・/So red as red

赤道祭/Crossing-the-equator Ceremony


「赤道通過時刻予想クイズ」18日付船内新聞「ASUKA DAILY」掲載。各々今日の赤道通過時刻を予想し見事予想が当たったらご褒美がもらえるというもの。予想函に入れてはみるものの中々難しい。結局「今朝7:39分に通過」と夕刻の「赤道通過祭」で発表。ぴったりの回答者は今回はなく、ニアピン賞がお二人。

ASUKA Daily, our ship daily, dated 18th gave us Guess-the-time quiz of our crossing the equator. If you hit the time, you will get a prize directly from Captain. At the Crossing-the-equator Ceremony, it was announced that we had 2 closest-guess winners this time, but no exact hitter. The time of crossing was 7:39 this morning.
The biggest amusement of Crossing-the-equator Ceremony is always offerings to calm angry Neptune. You, too, have fun to see handsome Captain and his crew thrown into the swimming pool as offerings.

8:50 航海情報

気温&海水共:30℃          Tempreture: 30℃
湿度:70%                Humidity: 70%
波:1m                   Wave: 1 m
風: 7~10m Wind: 7~10 m
水深: 2500m Sea Depth: 2500 m
比較的穏やかな航海。 Rather calm sea

10:30 モルジブ領最後の地、アップル環礁通過  
10:30 Passed the Apple Atoll, the last end of the Moldive teritory

072.gif 英語のatollはモルジブ語の「アトル」から英語化されたものとのこと。巨大な環礁の上にあるモルジブが言葉からも浮かび上がってくる。
An English word "atoll" originated from "atolu" of Maldivian language. The Maldives has about 20 atolls and the main land itself is on a huge atoll.

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