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2012年 09月 18日

Africa-12 チョべ川クルーズ マントヒヒ/Chobe River Cruise Papio Hamadryad

4月30日(月) ボツワナ チョべ川クルーズ マントヒヒ
Mon. April 30 Chobe River cruise, Chobe National Park, Botswana Papio Hamadryad





A family of baboons were spending some time on the riverside before the sunset.

Some reports said that baboons provoke social problems in South Africa. They often behave very violently in the human society by intruding into restaurants and private houses. They jump from table to table to get their favorite food out of the guests' plates at restaurants of Table Mountain in Cape Town. Are they overcoming us?

Watching the baboons on the riverside, I remembered also the first heart xenotransplant of a baboon's into a human being. How far are we allowed to overturn the natural providence to extend our given life? Whatever law we figure out and implement things accordingly, I wonder if we could reach one solid conclusion about that.

by magnifika | 2012-09-18 18:18 | クルーズ/Cruise

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