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2012年 11月 25日

南大西洋を渡る 3日目/Crossing the South Atlantic 3rd Day

5月5日(土) 南大西洋を渡り始めて3日目 ゼロ経度を通過
Sat. May 5 Passed longitude-zero

今朝はこんな朝がベッドに届けられ・・・/The morning of the 5th delivered me in bed a sky like this :

そしてこんな夕焼けとともに一日が閉じる/ And a day closed with a sunset like this:

夜10:12、経度ゼロ度を東から西へ通過。北にまっすぐ進めばグリニッジ・・。でもここは4mのうねりを受ける南大西洋のど真ん中。気温18℃、発熱39.8℃/Crossed the longitude-zero point from east to west at 22:12 staying in bed with a fever of 39.8 degrees C (=about 103 F)
船内TV「航海ルートチャンネル」/Ship TV display of Cruise Route Channel

Our ship is taking a rainbow-archlike course from Capetown to Buenos Aires to avoid the rough sea along the Lat. 40° on the straight line course dispite a longer distance and more fuel cost. That is a considerate part of ocean liners.

by magnifika | 2012-11-25 14:31 | クルーズ/Cruise

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