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2013年 01月 10日

ナスカへ / To the Nazca Lines

Tue. May 14 

Westin Hotel Lima 05:00




11:30 ピスコの空港到着 / Arrived at Pisco Airport


As it was too early, at the breakfast table of Westin Hotel Lima, I only had “tuna” fruit, simply spelled out from what I heard from the waiter. He said it was a cactus fruit. It was very good as a sweet kiwi fruit. Another fruit they called “granadilla” was super! Peru is rich in fruit and vegetables. Paprika and artichoke have a big share in the recent market. Asparagus on your table today may be from Peru, European friends. The seventy percent of asparagus grown here goes to Europe, they say.
At 5:30, we began our 400-km bus ride to Pisco Airport, the gateway to Nazca Lines. During the 6-hour ride, we passed dotted small towns in the desert. The recent pipeline project of natural gas attracts people to this desert area with no living infrastructure, some for a future job, and others for making a fortune.

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