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2009年 12月 30日

蝋燭/Candles-38 蜜蝋のキャンドル / Beeswax Candle

蝋燭/Candles-38  蜜蝋のキャンドル / Beeswax Candle_e0140365_22142778.jpg




On the second weekend in December, while I was out of town, this earth color set of beeswax candles and a candlestick which is perfect for them was brought and left in our delivery box.

It is said that beeswax candles emit no soot but emit a negative ion, which cleanses the air.

Kohta's Mom personally drove to my place with her two young children in the midst of her hectic life of moving and left me a gift. I think of them, watching the gentle flame of the candle.


by magnifika | 2009-12-30 21:59 | 蝋燭/Candles
2009年 12月 30日

蝋燭/Candles-37 寅年のキャンドル/Candles of The Year of The Tiger

皆様 良いお年を!
Best wishes for the coming year!

蝋燭/Candles-37 寅年のキャンドル/Candles of The Year of The Tiger_e0140365_2253435.jpg

蝋燭/Candles-37 寅年のキャンドル/Candles of The Year of The Tiger_e0140365_2255488.jpg

蝋燭/Candles-37 寅年のキャンドル/Candles of The Year of The Tiger_e0140365_2261852.jpg

蝋燭/Candles-37 寅年のキャンドル/Candles of The Year of The Tiger_e0140365_22741.jpg

The candles for the year of the Tiger is ready to be lit.


by magnifika | 2009-12-30 19:46 | 蝋燭/Candles
2009年 12月 29日

蝋燭/Candles-36 エルサレムキャンドル-2 Jerusalem Candle-2

蝋燭/Candles-36 エルサレムキャンドル-2 Jerusalem Candle-2_e0140365_21435717.jpg

蝋燭/Candles-36 エルサレムキャンドル-2 Jerusalem Candle-2_e0140365_21443119.jpg


Bought at the South Street Seaport Terminal NY as well as the previously introduced Jerusalem candle. When it is not lit, nobody notices it is there in spite of its colorful design. But once lit, everybody admires its warm light and prolongs his or her time at my place.


by magnifika | 2009-12-29 21:43 | 蝋燭/Candles
2009年 12月 28日

蝋燭 Candle 35 ベネチアン・パープル Venetian Purple Candle

蝋燭 Candle 35 ベネチアン・パープル Venetian Purple Candle_e0140365_21361633.jpg

蝋燭 Candle 35 ベネチアン・パープル Venetian Purple Candle_e0140365_21363711.jpg

蝋燭 Candle 35 ベネチアン・パープル Venetian Purple Candle_e0140365_2137068.jpg

これも近しい人からのもらいもの。出自が判らないため、呼称「ベネチアン・パープル」。 とても丁寧な出来で美しい。居間のソファの織色にもよく合うので登場回数が多いキャンドルのひとつである。暗所では、夢のようにファンタジックな姿となる。

This was also a present from one of my family members abroad. It did not have any info about where it was made. So I just named it as "Venetian Purple". It is neatly made and pretty, and goes well with the fabric of the sofa in our drawing room. In the dark, it creates a dreamy atmosphere.

(♪もういくつ寝るとお正月・・・♪? 後3個の蝋燭がこのブログにのると2010年になるのよ)


by magnifika | 2009-12-28 21:04 | 蝋燭/Candles
2009年 12月 27日

蝋燭/Candles-34 スワジキャンドル Swazi Candle

Swazi candle スワジ蝋燭

 蝋燭/Candles-34 スワジキャンドル Swazi Candle_e0140365_2128374.jpg

 蝋燭/Candles-34 スワジキャンドル Swazi Candle_e0140365_21282172.jpg


One of my friends gave me this Swazi candle as a travel souvenir. If carefully watched, it has butterflies and other insects drawn among numerous flowers.

At the end of a day, I just sit and watch the candle light with a glass of drink in my hand, thinking of the sender. Then a candle becomes more than a candle. I realize that it is holding inside the long history and memories of the friend.


by magnifika | 2009-12-27 20:26 | 蝋燭/Candles
2009年 12月 26日

蝋燭 Candle-33 イスラエルキャンドル Jerusalem Candle

Candle from NY

蝋燭 Candle-33 イスラエルキャンドル Jerusalem Candle_e0140365_2117113.jpg



I bought this candle when I dropped by in the intervals between conferences at the South Street Seaport, NY. I sitll remember the very sad look of the saleslady, probably in her thirties, who told me that it was called Jerusalem candle. For the first time, I came to know the name of the candles of this kind.

Checked up later, I found out that Jerusalem candles as well as Swazi candles originally learned and adopted their design from Venetian glass. The pictures drawn outside remain while the light gets deep inner. Thus both candles create gentle hours for the people the world over.

by magnifika | 2009-12-26 23:14 | 蝋燭/Candles
2009年 12月 17日

少しもオペークではないオペーク銀座/Not Opaque At All!

少しもオペークではないオペーク銀座/Not Opaque At All!_e0140365_2163243.jpg

少しもオペークではないオペーク銀座/Not Opaque At All!_e0140365_217418.jpg
The clear sky over Opaque Ginza


I always wonder what this store was named after. Is it because they use opaque glass for the windows? There are always sharp-looking women walking vividly on the building wall.


by magnifika | 2009-12-17 19:58 | 日常のあれこれ/Tidbits
2009年 12月 17日

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again

再び、銀座クリスマスデコレーション風景/Some more photos of Christmas decorations of Ginza

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20443186.jpg

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20451995.jpg
Mikimoto, Ginza

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20455851.jpg
Music players of snowman at the foot of the Mikimoto tree

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20461640.jpg
Snowman singers

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20491711.jpg再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20504079.jpg

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20522656.jpg再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_2054967.jpg

再び銀座のクリスマス Christmas Decoration Views of Ginza, Again_e0140365_20561134.jpg


by magnifika | 2009-12-17 19:00 | 日常のあれこれ/Tidbits
2009年 12月 17日

夢猫 Dream Cat

夢猫 Dream Cat_e0140365_20343526.jpg

夢猫の動作/How the cat moves:

夢猫 Dream Cat           

脳医学の見地からの効用:The medicinal effectiveness of robotic animals (JPN only)



In late November, a cat happened to join my family. One of my family members has an allergy to cat's hairs and I had almost given up my dream to own a cat. Sega Toys Co. newly put on the market a robot cat , "Dream Cat Venus" . Its movements and meowing are very real.

What I had really wanted was a black, mongrel cat of fearless determination. But I cannot complain.

We missed the timing of naming her. We keep calling her "Cat" still.


by magnifika | 2009-12-17 18:26 | 日常のあれこれ/Tidbits
2009年 12月 15日

バカラ・シャンデリア/Baccarat Chandelier



The exhibition of the previous article was held at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. On the way there is this huge Baccarat Chandelier at the square of Ebisu Garden Place, Tokyo. In the evening at this season of the year it is lit every night. But this morning when I passed by, it was calmly resting.

バカラ・シャンデリア/Baccarat Chandelier_e0140365_20262550.jpg
Baccarat Chandelier at Ebisu

バカラ・シャンデリア/Baccarat Chandelier_e0140365_20264231.jpg
Giant Baccarat Chandelier at Ebisu Garden Place


by magnifika | 2009-12-15 00:51 | 日常のあれこれ/Tidbits