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2011年 05月 28日

薔薇の詩人/Poet of Roses

薔薇の詩人/Poet of Roses_e0140365_21495580.jpg

薔薇の詩人/Poet of Roses_e0140365_21524339.jpg

薔薇の詩人/Poet of Roses_e0140365_21502052.jpg

16世紀のフランスで「薔薇の詩人」と讃えられた「ピエール ドゥ ロンサール」の名をつけられた薔薇がようやく開花。貴婦人のワードローブのような20枚以上の花弁。見る者にも優しさが静かに漂い込んでくるよう・・・

One of my roses named "Pierre de Ronsard" after a great French poet of the 16 th century has started to bloom after two years' silence. The lovely colour and more than 20 petals form a bit calssical view at one corner of my garden, and its elegance gently drifts into us.

by magnifika | 2011-05-28 21:53 | 庭の贈物/My Garden
2011年 05月 25日

種子島の海/The beaches of Tanegashima Island

種子島の海/The beaches of Tanegashima Island_e0140365_22483617.jpg

種子島の海/The beaches of Tanegashima Island_e0140365_22492586.jpg

種子島の海/The beaches of Tanegashima Island_e0140365_2250066.jpg





The local people say that it rains 400 days a year there and laugh.

So the Space Center has good reason to postpone each rocket- or satellite-launching so many times. But the location meets the requirements as far as isolation to prevent affects over the general public, less or almost no artificial lights around, convenient access from the sea to transport materials and parts, etc.

The traffic lights in the Island are installed at much higher position and foldable. A villager told me that in the wee hours, a huge part of a rocket is often carried on the village road quietly. How thrilled I was to hear and imagine that!

The Tanegashima Space Center is known as the most beautiful space center in the world. Besides the Island produces very good Shochu, a clear distilled liquor, out of special kinds of sweetpotatoes as Anno-imo and Murasaki-imo. It tastes good and beautiful, too.

by magnifika | 2011-05-25 22:55 | 国内 Trips & Travels
2011年 05月 17日

雉と地震/A Pheasant and Earthquakes






One morning about a week before 3-11 Tohoku Great Earthquake, I heard shrieks of a pheasant for the first time. They had been heard every morning since. And a week later came that horrifying earthquake.

That reminded me of the tale I used to hear when I was a little girl from the aged people that pheasant's shrieks and sudden restless movements of a catfish predicts an earthquake. There is actually a funny friend of ours, a dentist, who raises a catfish for an experimental purpose. I know nothing about scientific ground to this. But some minutes after I hear the pheasant’s sharp shrieks, we see an aftershock jolt warning superimposed on TV. The result of net searching holds many related articles.

This morning, the pheasant, we named "Ken-chan" as its shriek sounds like Ken-ken, paid a visit to my garden and even showed us how to shriek. Here are some of the photos then.

Praying for the time Ken-chan does not have to give us warnings!

Ken-chan seems like the same one who came to our garden last October.

雉と地震/A Pheasant and Earthquakes_e0140365_10421049.jpg

ケンケ~~ン!! Shrieking!!
雉と地震/A Pheasant and Earthquakes_e0140365_10423445.jpg

雉と地震/A Pheasant and Earthquakes_e0140365_10425589.jpg

by magnifika | 2011-05-17 10:41 | 日常のあれこれ/Tidbits
2011年 05月 16日

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center

Our next port after Amami Oshima Island was Tanegashima, another island where the first gun came into Japan in 1543 from Portugal, and it is the Japan's rocket launching site now.

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_23423580.jpg

左から/From left:
(赤と白の高い塔/Red & white tall tower) 80m気象塔/ 80m Meteorological Observation Tower
(白い大きな構造物/Big white building) 大型ロケット組立塔/Vehicle Assembly Building
(手前の白いメッシュ状構造物/White mesh-like building) 中型ロケット組立塔/Block House
(赤白の2本のタワー/Red & white two towers) 第2射点発射塔/Launch Pad No.2
(右の赤白の2本のタワー/Red & white two towers on the right) 第1射点大型ロケット発射塔/Launch Pad No.1

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_23444252.jpg

最高の技術の美/Beauty of refined materials and the technology
種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_23452195.jpg

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_23454521.jpg

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_23461693.jpg

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_744461.jpg

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_2346545.jpg

種子島スペースセンター/Tanegashima Space Center_e0140365_23475526.jpg

by magnifika | 2011-05-16 23:54 | クルーズ/Cruise
2011年 05月 15日

古仁屋港の人々/People of Koniya Port in Amami Oshima

加計呂麻島/Kakeroma Island
古仁屋港の人々/People of Koniya Port in Amami Oshima_e0140365_22442361.jpg

古仁屋港のぱしふぃっくびーなす/Pacific Venus at Koniya Port
古仁屋港の人々/People of Koniya Port in Amami Oshima_e0140365_22445099.jpg

お見送り/Big send-off
古仁屋港の人々/People of Koniya Port in Amami Oshima_e0140365_22454378.jpg

古仁屋港の人々/People of Koniya Port in Amami Oshima_e0140365_2246292.jpg


From the Pacific side we turned left between Kakeroma Island and Amami main island. That is where Koniya Port is, at the tip of Amami main island, where we anchored. When we arrived, we got energy from welcome Japanese drums played by the junior high students. When we sailed away, many fishing villagers, both young and old, showed us kindness with island songs and dances. They kept waving their hands to the ship until they became as small as a dot from our ship.

by magnifika | 2011-05-15 22:46 | クルーズ/Cruise
2011年 05月 15日

大島紬の工程/The process of Oshima Tsumugi textile

大島紬の工程/The process of Oshima Tsumugi textile_e0140365_1182085.jpg
泥染め工程/Silk threads being dyed in mud pond. Iron in Oshima mud gives the threads unique stable colour.

大島紬の工程/The process of Oshima Tsumugi textile_e0140365_1185475.jpg
根気の要る機織工程 模様により一日5cm~8cmとのこと/Patience requiring looming process---Only 5cm~8cm-long-a-day process depending on a pattern


Oshima Tsumugi textile is a special silk product of Oshima Island. It goes through 30 or more processes to be a product for one kimono. Each process requires long training and its skilled worker. So the industry has been always in short of trainees of young generations. The product is nothing but a beauty.

They have some traditional patterns as well as modern ones.
Ref. http://www.amami-setouchi.org/node/350

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2011年 05月 06日

奄美の鳥/Birds of Amami Oshima

奄美の鳥/Birds of Amami Oshima_e0140365_19152543.jpg

奄美の鳥/Birds of Amami Oshima_e0140365_19154642.jpg

奄美の鳥/Birds of Amami Oshima_e0140365_9465256.jpg


Many birds of the Island such as Ryukyu robin, Ruddy Kingfisher, Woodpecker, and Amami jay, appear in the Tanaka Isson's works. They are colourful and pretty.
A luck flew by when I visited a shop of Oshima Tsumugi , traditional silk kimono textile of the Island. A kingfisher stayed on a log over the thread-dyeing-mud-pond for a long time neglecting my camera shutter sounds.

by magnifika | 2011-05-06 19:17 | 国内 Trips & Travels
2011年 05月 06日

奄美で見た花/Flowers in Amami Oshima

奄美で見た花/Flowers in Amami Oshima_e0140365_1823845.jpg

奄美で見た花/Flowers in Amami Oshima_e0140365_1825970.jpg

奄美で見た花/Flowers in Amami Oshima_e0140365_1845216.jpg

奄美で見た花/Flowers in Amami Oshima_e0140365_1842598.jpg

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2011年 05月 05日

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island_e0140365_22295298.jpg
ヘゴ/Tree fern

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island_e0140365_223184.jpg
ヘゴ/Tree fern

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island_e0140365_22322163.jpg
田中一村の家の裏手のガジュマル/A Banyan tree covering the old house of Tanaka Isson

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island_e0140365_223376.jpg

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island_e0140365_22335914.jpg
デイゴ/Deigo, Sunshine Tree special to southwestern islands off Kyushu and in the Okinawan archipelago

奄美で見かけた植物/Plants I came across in Amami Oshima Island_e0140365_22344978.jpg

Fresh green of the Island and energy of plants touched off sudden elevation in me. That is what I have truly been in need for the past 2 months.

by magnifika | 2011-05-05 22:38 | 国内 Trips & Travels
2011年 05月 04日

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima_e0140365_23333286.jpg
奄美大島マングローブ原生林/The virgin mangrove forest of Amami Oshima
Canoeing service is available through a meandering sea water river, although we could not make it this time due to lack of time for the ship departure

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima_e0140365_23372023.jpg
昨10月にはマングローブ林も泥にまみれた/Mud covered the roots of mangrove forest last October.

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima_e0140365_2341695.jpg
白砂の用安海岸/White-sand Yoyasu Beach

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima_e0140365_23512742.jpg

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima_e0140365_23485839.jpg

奄美大島 マングローブ林&海/Mangrove virgin forest & the beach of Amami Oshima_e0140365_23523654.jpg

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